Dr. Sfurti Mann - Internal Medicine and Diabetology

Dr. Sfurti Mann is a prominent name in the field of Internal Medicine with experience of 15 years. She attained her MBBS degree from Swami Rama Himalayan University - SRHU, Dehradun and further Completed MD in Internal Medicine from the same College. In her career span, she has managed and treated over 10,000 patients including outpatients, inpatients and critically ill patients (ICU). She has worked with several prestigious institutions and hospitals in her career span. Currently, she is the senior consultant Internal Medicine & Diabetology at Sanar International Hospitals, sec 53 Gurgaon. Alongside, She has been successfully running her own private clinic - Ananta Health Clinic in Sec 66 Gurgaon since more than 5 years now. She provides evidence-based treatment of all acute and chronic medical ailments.


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Avani ChandraAvani Chandra
00:21 21 Sep 22
Dr Sfurti is one of the finest physicians my family has come across. She is very patient in listening to all her patients, approachable, effective and possess great medical acumen. The best thing is she treats the root cause and does not prescribe unnecessary tests/medicines. She is our go to doctor for everything and we have total trust in her diagnosis and medication. Very competent doctor and empathetic human being.
Abneeta PrasadAbneeta Prasad
05:08 26 Jul 22
Dr. Sfurti is one of best Doctor. I got reference from one of my colleagues.After got treatment about my Sugar and unexpectedly very high blood pressure.She treated very well and nice.At the treatment she uses her good knowledge, experience and smily personality.She listen my problem very well and calm. She advise very well and I follow the same.After 4 months my BP came very normal and Sugar level also becomes very normal.I am very thankful to Dr. Sfurti.
Dr. Mann is one of the finest doctors in the country. She provides personal attention to all her patients, listens to concerns, spends time with the patients which is extremely important and charts out the best medical solution. She is a caring professional who ensures her patients do not panic. When you go to her, she will ensure that you are mentally relaxed which I understand is extremely important for the treatment to go in the right direction. Soft spoken and kind, such medical professionals are remembered for how they make you feel. Dr. Mann is highly recommended for any medical concern that you may have
sunil dubeysunil dubey
15:33 01 May 22
Dr Sfurti is one of the finest doctor I have ever seen. I am having multiple excellent experience Starting in 2020 when my complete family was covid positive. She gave best consultation during pandemic and helped us to recover. In 2nd wave also we consulted her for my in-laws and we got best results with her consultation. Recently my dad was facing problem related to nerves which 2-3 doctor was not able to identify but when we visited Dr Sfurti She understood the problem very well and timely suggested to hospitalised him as problem was GBS which is very rare in India.Post that I was also suffered problem of stomach pain and consulted a doctor in fortis but he was not able to identify the root cause but when we visited dr sfurti she wrote the right tests which helped to identify root cause of my problem (Gall bladder stone)..Thanks Dr.Sfurti for your excellent Consultation and taking care of my family during odd time.. 🙏🙏
Ravindra MathurRavindra Mathur
15:25 14 Apr 22
First time I consulted Dr. Sfurti Mann for wife & later for my father. Both the times I had very good support from her. For my father, I would say, she saved his life when he was admitted in ICU. Her line of treatment is perfectly accurate.Secondly she is amazing human being, we rarely see such combination in the medical side. For a patient, it’s very important because bedsides medical treatment, they need moral support & will power.We wish her great success in her professional career and in personal life.Personally I would highly recommend Dr. Mann for medical consultation.


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